Meet Our Team

Thoshnee G.  Office Manager

Originally from sunny South Africa, Thoshnee holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, a Master’s Degree in Education from Arkansas State University, and diplomas in International Trade and Export Management from the Institute of Export, South Africa. Before joining the Santa Monica Esthetic Dentistry team, Thoshnee taught high school mathematics for over 11 years. Thoshnee has years of experience in business management, education, and patient care. She has brightened our office for years with her incredible dedication and compassion for others. Thoshnee loves working with children and is passionate about providing our patients and team with a comfortable and caring environment. She currently lives in Santa Monica with her husband, and is the mother of two sons. In her free time, Thoshnee enjoys hiking, traveling, ordering Thai food, and supporting local shops in Santa Monica.


Kiju Lee, Dental Assistant

Kiju resides in Los Angeles and recently graduated with departmental honors from UCLA. She plans to apply to dental school in the summer of 2017. Meanwhile, she is working as a dental assistant and building experience and knowledge of the dental field. Upon realizing her passion for creating art by working with her hands, as well as caring for people, she decided that dentistry was the perfect career for her. When she is not in the office she loves exploring different restaurants in Santa Monica, going to the gym, reading sci-fi novels, painting watercolor, watching Netflix, and spending time with her friends and family. What out-competes all other interests is her desire to become a competent and compassionate dentist that serves her community.

Tuyet (Tee) Ha, Dental Assistant

Born in Pomona and continually residing in Southern California, it is no surprise why there is always a shine with Tee's smile.  She is a recent graduate of UCLA's Class of 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences and will be applying to Dental School in 2017. Her hard work and perseverance has pushed her thus far, in hopes of becoming a dentist.  Before joining SMED, she has volunteered at many other dental offices in Pomona, Westwood, and Virginia.  Her most pleasant dental volunteering experience was at an event called Give Kids a Smile Day where she got the unforgettable opportunity to provide oral health services to underserved children in the area .  When she's not pursuing her career, she enjoys hiking, traveling and of course sampling new restaurants all around California. 


Rebecca Tsuei, Dental Assistant

Originally from Cupertino, Rebecca is currently in the process of applying for dental school, having graduated from UCLA in 2015 with a B.S. in psychobiology and a minor in English. She picked her major because it combined her love for the sciences with her passion for people, which is exactly what drew her to the dental field. Before joining our team, Rebecca spent time volunteering at Lifetime Dental Care, a dental office back in the Bay Area. The meaningful connections she was able to form with the patients there solidified her decision to become a dentist. Since then she has been busy exploring all aspects of the dental profession, from teaching oral hygiene lessons to kids, to attending national pre-dental conferences, to researching bone regeneration and stem cell development at UCLA’s School of Dentistry. Her far-reaching expedition as an aspiring pre-dental finally brought her to back to the dental office, this time at Santa Monica Esthetic Dentistry, where she enjoys working with our team to bring beautiful smiles to all of Santa Monica and beyond. In her free time, Rebecca likes to watch random YouTube tutorials, stay active, and explore the exciting city of LA. 


Caroline Zaman, Dental Volunteer

Born and raised in Southern California, Caroline has always enjoyed the sunny weather. She is currently a 4th year Sociology major. In the world of dentistry, she has combined her knowledge of sciences and Sociology and has found it to be quite intriguing!  She is currently the Community Service Board Member of the largest Pre-Dental society at UCLA, where she organizes events like Happy Teeth that teach students about the importance of dental hygiene. When Caroline isn’t volunteering at our office, she is in Burbank helping out at the Kid’s Community Dental Clinic where she works with a variety of other specialized dentists. In addition, Caroline is a research assistant with a great company that is involved with the newest technologies of the dental field. Otherwise, she loves exploring new hiking trails, playing the guitar, and finding new food places to indulge in. With each passing day, Caroline’s passion for dentistry and helping others reaches a new height! 


Jong-Soo Choi , Dental Assistant

Jong was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to Maui, Hawaii when he was five years old. He moved to Los Angeles as he is now a 4th year student at UCLA majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Korean. Jong is involved with many extracurricular activities, being a past Treasurer and Fundraising Chair for Circle K International, a service organization, as well as his involvement with Alpha Chi Sigma, a chemistry fraternity, and Atlas, an exhibition dance team. He is also a research assistant at UCLA's Dental School in the Orthodontics Division. In his free time, Jong loves to play League of Legends and Puzzle and Dragons, try new boba places, and going to concerts. He is planning to apply to dental school in 2019, and until then he hopes to make a difference in the dental field one step at a time. Jong-soo looks up to his sempai. 


Sara Kashani, Dental Volunteer

Sara was born in a small city in northwestern Iran and moved to Dubai where she finished her high school before moving to Los Angeles. She is fluent in Turkish, Arabic, French, English, Farsi and she is currently learning Spanish. Before joining our team, Sara was a dental volunteer in a private clinic in Dubai where she shadowed a cosmetic dentist for three months. She is now a second year pre-dental student at UCLA majoring in Neuroscience. Last year, she traveled to Ecuador and Peru with Medlife at UCLA to help provide free health care services to the unprivileged citizens and to raise money for mobile clinics operating in South America. Sara is also a research assistant in Arnold Lab at UCLA where she helps examine sex differences in neurocognitive mechanisms in mice. She also works as a student assistant and translator in the Turkish and Farsi cataloging department at UCLA Library Acquisition Center. She is planning to apply to dental school in 2019, meanwhile she is hoping to broaden her knowledge of oral health and to get as much experience in dentistry as possible!

Chalermkwan Pongkietisak, Dental Volunteer

Belle, born in Bankok, Thailand, is of chinese descent who moved to Santa Rosa, CA when she was fifteen.  During her time in Northern California she interned at Buck Institute for Research on Aging and focused primarily on developing drug therapies to increase the human lifespan.  Recognizing the language barriers that man patients face, she worked at Golden Interpreting Services where she provided translation for Thai patients, which helped them receive proper treatment.  She is currently a senior majoring in Biology at UCLA and is actively involved in extracurricular activities, such as the Taekwondo team & the Asian pacific American Health Care (APAHC) - which is an organization that aims to improve the health of Asian Pacific Islanders within the Los Angeles County.  In addition to dental assisting, Belle works as a research assistant in an Alzheimer's Research Laboratory at UCLA that aims to identify biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease.  She plans to apply to dental school soon and become a general dentist.  During her free time, she enjoys playing Thai hammered dulcimer, exercising, reading, listening to music, viewing cute animals on YouTube, and most importantly trying new dishes and desserts as she has quite the sweet tooth.