Why X-Rays Are Required For Teeth Cleaning?

Dental X-Rays are required because an oral exam only lets the Dentist see  around 1/3 of the tooth. There are many cases where the decay & infection is not present in the visible section of the teeth.


X-Rays allow the Doctor to;

  • See the whole tooth (beneath the gums)
  • Identify any infection and or decay
  • Diagnose and fix an issue before it becomes a more complicated procedure. 
  • Save you money by fixing any problems before they become more serious. 
  • X-Rays show bone loss and any gum diseases below the surface
  • Exposes Wisdom teeth so the doctor can see if they are impacted or if there is enough space 
  • Will show any cysts, tumors and abscesses

How often should I get X-Rays?

  • Full set of X-Rays (16) should be taken once in 5 years unless there are areas of concern
  • Bite-wing X-Rays (4) or checkup X-Rays should be taken once a year

Does your office Require X-Rays?

Yes at our office we require a set of X-Rays on file before any treatment or cleaning is done. The Doctor can not do an accurate exam without them. It would be a disservice to you as a patient because without X-Rays the doctor can only see about 1/3 of the tooth.

Can I Have X-Rays sent or brought in from my Previous Dentist?

Yes you can! As long as we have a set on file we can provide you with the best standard of care.

What Type Of X-Rays Do You Offer?

We do not use traditional film based X-Rays in our office. We keep up to date on all the latest technological advances in dentistry to give our patients the best and safest standard of care.