5 Key Points Everybody Must Know About Bad Breath

What is it?

Hah!  If your shaking your head right now that shows just how much you know!  Bacteria in our mouth called Halitosis release sulfur by-products when breaking down food. These sulfur waste compounds are what create the smell and is actually your bad breath.

What causes it?

Must Avoid Foods:

Some foods have exceptionally stronger odors when broken down in the mouth.  Here are a few:

  • Alcohol

  • Garlic

  • Onions

  • Spicy Foods

Mistaken Remedies!

  • Excessive mouth rinsing – produces worse smelling tissue

  • Sweet Breath mints – Its a trap!  If the mint contains sugar then you are actually acidifying your teeth which rots your teeth.

  • Mint chewing tobacco – Whoever came up with this is absolutely wrong!  Not only does this not solve your problem but this can cause gum disease and many other problems!

  • Brushing with detergent or any other cleanser – It is poisonous and will cause more problems then it solves!!

  • Alcohol – will cause dry mouth and hence, increases the bacteria in your mouth

The Solution